Sunday, April 03, 2005

Under Construction

Hello people.

Thanks for getting curious enough to pop by this site. I am presently working on a story right now, and depending on how long I think my drafting and re-writing will run, I might just wait till I'm done with that story, or post and older one to keep you folks happy for awhile.

Meanwhile do notice that this blog as compared to Fortissimo and basically most other blogs in general is as sparse as possible. I've only included one link to Fortissimo, and set an open-view comments setting instead of a tagboard. Partly also because tagboards might not be able to handle your 500 word discursive about my story.

And I hope you actively comment on and discuss about my stories, because you people are the best judges. So feel free to comment. Just don't flame.

Hope you enjoy my stories.

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